Adam Benjamin | Research Lab (EN)

Lead by Adam Benjamin
Dance teachers of the future are important to converse with, as they are the ones who will help shape the field of dance. This is why it is of vital importance to prepare them well. Invited by Holland Dance Festival, Codarts Rotterdam and ArtEZ seized the opportunity to co-develop a route towards improving the students’ knowledge. Lead by Adam Benjamin, one of the founders of inclusion dance worldwide, students of Codarts and ArtEZ commenced with this so-called research lab. For one week, they worked on the physical and theoretical elaboration of specific research questions. The end of the research lab also meant the beginning of the next phase of this project. Students continued to work on the research questions in practice, either individually or in groups. Their study schedules were altered, allowing time and space for this project. After six weeks, the students gathered again to share their experiences with each other and Adam Benjamin. Since the knowledge and experience they gained was too valuable to keep to themselves, they’re happy to share their findings at the international symposium.


Adam Benjamin is an award-winning choreographer who has worked with community groups and professional companies around the world. One of the pioneers of integrated dance, he was a joint founder and artistic director of CandoCo Dance Company. His book Making an Entrance (Routledge, 2002) is considered a seminal text and he has published numerous articles and chapters on integrated practice and improvisation. In South Africa, shortly after the dismantling of apartheid, he founded the award winning Tshwaragano Dance Company, the first South African dance company integrated on both racial and disability lines. In Ethiopia, he developed the integrated strand of the Adugna Dance Theatre Company.