Betina Panagiotara & Kerstin Leidorf VNG | Wat is er nodig voor een inclusief (gemeentelijk) cultuurbeleid? (EN/NL)

The iDance poject, co-financed by Erasmus+, is an international research program in four countries: Greece, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. Dance researcher and journalist Betina Panagiotara conducted research on the cultural and educational policies in these countries and how they influence the circumstances of inclusion dance. She also studied the methods of four cases in practice. Based on this research, she formulates opportunities for the future: what is needed in practice, education and policy? Her research presentation will be followed by a reaction of Kerstin Leidorf (VNG) and a panel discussion with policy makers and program coordinators to talk about what this actually means for the Netherlands. You’re of course invited to join the discussion!

Betina Panagiotara
Betina Panagiotara is a dance researcher and journalist. In 2018, she was awarded her PhD at the University of Roehampton looking at the contemporary dance scene in Greece amidst the socio-political crisis, focusing on emerging artistic practices. She teaches dance history, has worked as a research associate at the Kalamata International Dance Festival, and is the production manager at Animasyros International Animation Festival & Agora. She works with artists in research, dramaturgy and production, and collaborates with international media, such as BBC TV News, as a local producer.

Kerstin Leidorf
Kerstin Leidorf is a policy staff member at the Vereniging van Nederlandse Gemeenten (Society of Dutch Municipalities, VNG). She is actively committed to creating an inclusive society where everyone can participate. With the Iedereen doet mee! project, VNG supports municipalities to apply the UN Treaty regarding the rights of people with a disability. In this session, Leidorf will talk about how municipalities can work on an inclusive society and why working with citizens with a disability is so important.