Chris Pavia | Stopgap Dance Company

The journey of choreographer Chris Pavia became the inspiration for this session, which will start with the duet The Journey Between, followed by a presentation by Chris himself and a Q&A. The Journey Between is an exhilarating exploration of how humanity connects and disconnects, long signified in mythology surrounding the movement of stars and planets. Two cosmic entities, embodied by dancers Nadenh Poan and Christian Brinklow, look for each other through space. The high-energy performance of the dancers is complemented by an immersive digital projection created by artists with learning disabilities from the Brighton based agency Carousel, resulting in a visually stunning work.


Chris Pava was the first of the current dancers to join Stopgap in 1997 as a Trainee and is now a Senior Dance Artist. As a choreographer Chris created, amongst others, ‘Chris et Lucy’ with Lucy Bennett and ‘Statues of Darkness’, for which he was the first choreographer with a learning disability to be selected for Resolution!. Most recently he has choreographed ‘The Awakening’ for Stopgap, which toured to festivals and outdoor spaces across UK in the summer of 2014 and 2015.