Dance for over 55-s who’d rather dance than sit still

Dance for each and everyone

Dance is for everyone, regardless of age, background and experience. Not just to observe, but – as we believe at Holland Dance Festival – certainly also to do yourself. That’s why we organise classes, workshops and other special dance projects for various target groups. We pay extra attention to the seniors in our society, from those over 55 years old who are still extremely vital to residents of care and nursing homes.

Good (old) Times | weekly courses

Good (old) Times | weekly courses

Together with the cultural anchors De Nieuwe Regentes, Theater Dakota and Sportcentrum Mariahoeve in The Hague, Holland Dance Festival has been organising the weekly Good [old] Times dance courses since 2014. Anyone over the age of 55 who prefers to dance rather than sit still is welcome. Dance experience is not necessary.

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Everyone can dance, each body has its own unique movement and expressiveness. And this certainly applies to seniors as well. Whether or not they have dance experience: older people, through their life experience, can express very different things in dance than young people. That is why Holland Dance Festival considers it important that they too can experience the power of dance. Dance touches people, touches people, provides pleasure and relaxation and can generate feelings of freedom. Dance moves people, stimulates creativity, creates (new) social contacts, and helps people to express themselves, even where this is sometimes impossible or no longer possible with words.

“For me, dance is mainly relaxation. I dance because it gives me a lot of energy. And no, there is no age limit on dancing. You just have to do it: keep moving, have fun.”

Julia Wielstra, 59 years old, participant Good [old] Times

“I was originally an architect and see dance as a continuation of it. By dancing I can continue to use the space. If I could, I think that I will still move in my coffin.”

Jozef Sloots, 81 years old, participant Good [old] Times

Good [old] Times and Stay Moving
Our dance programme for senior citizens has two main lines: Good [old] Times, meant for everyone over 55 who is still vital and wants to stay vital, and Stay Moving, aimed at the elderly, especially in care and nursing homes. The starting point for both projects is the individual movement possibilities and power of movement, as well as the personal stories, emotions and experience of the participants. From there we challenge people to find their own ‘dance language’. A language that has more impact than gymnastics, for example. Dance is a language that communicates, connects, enraptures and often stimulates the production of so-called ‘lucky hormones’.

Professional team of teachers
It is important that we have our own professional team of teachers. It is our strong conviction that amateur art also – or rather – deserves a professional, high-quality approach. In order to guarantee this, we ensure that our team of teachers can continue to develop and that we are constantly aware of what is going on at home and abroad in the field of dance for senior citizens.

Good (old) Times | The Production

Good (old) Times | The Production

Good [old] Times includes more than the most weekly dance classes. Every two years a dance production is made with a professional choreographer and a group of seniors who auditioned and got selected. For the selection day, there is broad recruitment, not only among the people who follow the Good [old] Times courses. Motivation and openness are paramount, so auditioners dance experience is not of the most importance.

During the upcoming festival in 2020, the selected dancers will present the piece Luna under the guidance of Junadry Leocaria.

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