A taste of TED: an exotic dive into the history of dance, Maud Pizon and Jérôme Brabant take us on a fascinating journey between past and future.

For their production of A TASTE OF TED, choreographers Jérôme Brabant and Maud Pizon were inspired – more poetically than historically – by two important pioneers of American modern dance. The Ted we’re talking about is Ted Shawn (1891-1972), who – together with his (ex-)wife Ruth St. Denis (1879-1968) – created a unique and eclectic dance language in the 1930’s. The two mixed ballet and modern dance moves with influences from, among other things, traditional Asian, African, and American Indian dance styles. By gaining insight into the dances of these ‘strange’ cultures, they wanted to free the human body. With his virile and athletic performances, Shawn also significantly contributed to male emancipation in the art of dance. 

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