Samuel Wuersten received the ‘Stadspenning’ of The Hague on 8 February 2020. The artistic director of the Holland Dance Festival received the award for his years of dedication to the festival. Alderman for Culture Robert van Asten presented the medal, prior to the performance who we are in the dark by Peggy Baker Dance Projects at the festival.

Samuel Wuersten has been artistic director of the Holland Dance Festival for 25 years, the international dance biennial that was held in The Hague for the seventeenth time this year. Over the years, Wuersten has brought large companies and choreographers to The Hague and has been at the basis of numerous social activities, enabling both young and old to not only become acquainted with dance, but also to actually participate.

The seventeenth edition of the Holland Dance Festival was successfully concluded last weekend. An edition with a multifaceted programme that consisted almost exclusively of Dutch premieres: 57 performances of 18 productions with dance artists from 22 countries made the international character and versatility of dance clearly visible.

We are enormously proud and happy with the large turnout for all productions in The Hague, Amsterdam, Delft and Tilburg. The reunion of well-known audiences as well as meeting new dance lovers makes our work so rewarding!