Rotterdam will be the home of the first Dancehouse of The Netherlands, Droom & Daad Foundations latest major project. The dancehouse will bring all dance styles under one roof, where professionals and amateurs of all ages can come. 

There is an urgent need in Rotterdam for suitable studios for both professionals and amateurs. The city alone has 168 dance schools and locations for modern and classical ballet, for salsa and street dance. The Danshuis welcomes dance initiatives from near and afar; from the neighbourhood and the world. It will be equipped with professionally equipped dance studios, an exhibition space, a showcase studio and an amphitheater on the roof.

Dance is one of the art forms for which you don’t need a lot of equipment or funds; a good floor and music will suffice. However, many spaces in Rotterdam do not meet the minimum requirements of a good and accessible accommodation. All dance companies, small or large, professional or amateur, will be welcome to use the facilities of the Danshuis. Established names and young creators can work here and the public can attend rehearsals, performances and dance classes, accessible to everyone.

Samuel Wuersten, co-initiator of the Dance House and artistic excutive director Holland Dance Festival: “Dance is fleeting. Therefore it is so poignant to create a vibrant place with the Danshuis, where everything and everyone can be in constant motion; young and old, dancing all dance styles, all day long. The energy in the building is contagious, no one can sit still at the Danshuis!”