Holland Dance Festival 2022: virtuosic, surprising and connecting.

The only international dance biennial in the Netherlands

After more than a year without, everyone yearns for live performances in theaters. This year will still know its limits, but early next year Holland Dance Festival will be the dot on the cultural horizon. From February 2 to 19, 2022, the Netherlands will be under the spell of international dance. For three weeks, Holland Dance Festival will open a window on the world for the eighteenth time in The Hague, Amsterdam, Delft and Rotterdam.

Holland Dance Festival showcases the universality and enormous richness and versatility of dance. The festival always strives for innovation without forgetting the history of dance. We put dance icons in the spotlight and leading choreographies have their place in the festival. Of course, the art of dance cannot do without ‘new blood’ and the festival also provides a platform for new dancers and choreographers. In addition to all the international dance performances, Holland Dance Festival is committed to society. Dance is for everyone: for professionals and amateurs, for people with and without disabilities, and for the elderly and young people.

About Holland Dance Festival

Holland Dance Festival brings dance from all over the world to the Netherlands. It has been doing so for more than thirty years! The festival presents companies and dance artists who would not otherwise be seen in the Netherlands. In a consistently extraordinarily varied programme, audiences have the chance to admire the very best of international dance from close up.

Holland Dance Festival is a festival where there is something new for everyone to discover or recognize. The program is enriched by (hotel) packages, a DanceAble symposium, and workshops for dance enthusiasts of all levels. This makes a visit to the dance capital of the Netherlands – The Hague – unforgettable.

HOLLAND DANCE FESTIVAL 2022 – 2 to 19 February