A message of kindness in the spirit of the season.

The HubClub can be seen on TV Gelderland on Christmas Day at 14.00 hrs. Wanna check it out later? You can via Uitzending Gemist.

De HubClub is op Eerste Kerstdag te zien om 14.00 uur op TV Gelderland. Aflevering terugkijken? Dat kan via

Commissioned by Holland Dance Festival, the promising young choreographer Junadry Leocaria recently created the trio Yours Truly, With Love, for two dancers and a singer. The choreography is part of the first edition of the HubClub, for which Holland Dance Festival entered into a collaboration with dance company Introdans from Arnhem. The HubClub focuses on all recent initiatives in the field of inclusiveness in the dance sector. The program includes contributions by various choreographers, performed by a cast of dancers with and without disabilities, in a ‘Moulin Rouge-like’ setting.

Junadry’s main aim with her contribution is to advocate empathy and tolerance towards each other, as she explains in the video above. Her ‘message’ is: “Let’s be a bit kinder to each other. Especially in these trying times”.