On stage. Night after night. Something most young dancers can only dream of, is a given for students of Codarts Rotterdam. With the Talent On The Move (TOTM) tour, third-year students visit over thirty cities in the Netherlands and build up the necessary stage experience for their future dance careers. The varied program offers them the opportunity to try out all kinds of styles and the audience gets a wonderful introduction to the versatility of dance.

For Dorėja Atkočiūnas, Aaron Faneyte and Jonatan Myhre Jørgensen, the adventure begins this year. For Jonatan (1999), Talent On The Move was one of the reasons for choosing Codarts. The amount of performances and access to so many choreographers attracted him enormously. One of the first things I experienced at Codarts was a performance by third-year students who showed repertoire from the TOTM program,’ remembers Jonatan. My mouth fell open, I was so impressed with the level.

All students are given the opportunity to take the stage during the tour, but have to go through auditions. Jonatan is curious about what it will do to the group ‘We’ll all experience it together. The dynamics that arise when we go through castings, jumping from one piece to another, and the time we spend in the bus’.

From excitement to insight

The period of travelling and continuous performance gives you the chance to experience what it’s like to be working in the future, and to be part of a company. Jonatan heard from more senior students how special it is to really get to know a piece. In your body instead of in your head – something that can only be done if you dance the same choreographies over and over again. Whether you like that is different for every dancer. Some discover that they want to create and choreograph themselves. For others it’s a dream come true: the excitement beforehand, dancing every night on stage and with inspiring choreographies. I think you really grow as a dancer,’ says Dorėja (1998). You experience what it really feels like to dance the same program over and over again and still give it everything’.

Dorėja looks forward to experiencing, thanks to all the different choreographers, what fits your body, what qualities you have to offer and what inspires you. With every new choreographer you get a new set of styles and movements. Until now she found Niv Marinberg especially special. Working with him gives you a totally new perspective on what dance is.

Codarts broadened Aaron’s (1998) view of the dance world. This also applies to his own possibilities and that is encouraging to experience. I don’t have to pigeonhole myself or limit myself to one style’. TOTM makes that even clearer. Although he has been dreaming of a future with Alvin Ailey for years, he now also draws inspiration from dancers and choreographers such as Roy Assaf and Wayne McGregor.

Talent On The Move opens doors to a world to which not many students or novice dancers have access. And that in a safe environment. We can work in a professional way, without already having full responsibility,’ says Aaron. All benefits, with minimal risk.

Sample card of dance

Where the tour gives young dancers the opportunity to try different styles, the audience also gets that opportunity. They will be presented with a vivid sample of dance. The various program changes every year, with material specially selected for the dancers and showing them in all their facets. You get to see a group of dancers with totally different backgrounds,’ says Aaron. Apart from the repertoire, the mutual dynamics and the artistic direction are always different. And above all, says Jonatan, it is simply special to see such young dancers on stage. Our enthusiasm and eagerness radiates from us! It’s the first time for us and we all really want to get on that stage’.