The online world of dance with Holland Dance Festival

More than 24,000 views on YouTube since the end of March.

As a result of the new steps announced by our government regarding the corona measures, more possibilities will arise for us, the cultural institutions and theatres, in the coming months. Starting in September, the Holland Dance Festival will present its programme, even though it will be on a limited scale for the time being in terms of the number of dancers and visitors. In the meantime, of course, we haven’t been idle.

GeRAAKt! for schools

After completing the seventeenth edition of the Holland Dance Festival in February, more than 5000 boys and girls from The Hague and surroundings were ready to start our successful dance and football project GeRAAKt! in March. Unfortunately, the corona outbreak threw a spanner in the works and all dance and football activities at school, in the theatre and in the football stadium had to be discontinued.

Meanwhile, the schools are open again and in order to offer the teachers, the staff of the after-school care and the children new inspiration and to introduce them to GeRAAKt!, we have developed two lesson videos in which dance and football alternate, with a warm-up, dance lesson, football lesson and a cooling down, supervised by the professional dance teachers of Holland Dance Festival and football trainers of ADO Den Haag. Watch the trailer here.

“With GeRAAKt! we want to contribute to the development of young children in the field of movement, coordination, health, fitness and openness to the unknown. Whether you’ve never danced before, or never kicked a football – through this project you’ll come into contact with all kinds of new ways to put your body and brain to work.” – Samuel Wuersten

Good [old] Times | Online dancing

For many years we have been organizing dance classes specifically for those over 55 years old under the name Good [old] Times. The motivation and pleasure that we see in our participants, we want for – especially in this day and age – everyone. That is why we have decided to put a number of complete dance classes online. A little dance space and a computer/laptop/iPad to play the lesson on, that’s all it takes. The first summer editions of our Good [old] Times classes are now being recorded as a pleasant and danceable addition to your summer. All lessons can be found on our YouTube channel.

Teacher Training Course

In collaboration with Stopgap Dance Company, we organise an annual Teacher Training Course. In this course dance teachers learn more about inclusive teaching. Unfortunately this course was cancelled due to the coronavirus.

But the question of inclusion remains among dance teachers in this day and age. Because how do you create an inclusive online learning environment? Which tools can you use to involve everyone in your online lessons? Supported by the Europe Beyond Access project, we have decided to address these questions by offering a free online course via our YouTube channel. The first video lessons can be found here.

Video clinics
Teacher Training Course

Together to an inclusive performing arts sector

In these turbulent times, we as Holland Dance Festival feel the urgency not to lose sight of the goals we set last year in the Agenda Inclusive Performing Arts. That is why, in collaboration with Misiconi Dance Company and the National Knowledge Institute for Cultural Education and Amateur Art (LKCA), we organised a webinar on the added value of inclusive productions for current theatre programming and inclusion within art education. Led by Kim Coppes, Joop Oonk (Stichting Misiconi), Carlijn Sonneveldt (Nieuwe Luxor), Yolanda van der Heijden (Holland Dance Festival) and Jacqueline van Kuilenburg (Stichting Misiconi & Salami Stinkt) discussed these topics with each other. The video, with English subs, can be watched here.