From left to right: Leontien Wiering, business director Amare, Jan Zoet, general director Amare, Samuel Wuersten, general & artistic director Holland Dance Festival, Emily Molnar, artistic director Nederlands Dans Theater and Geesje Prins, head of program Amare. Foto: Sjoerd Derine

Amare, the new house for culture in the cultural heart of The Hague will open its doors in September. Jan Zoet, general director of Amare and Samuel Wuersten, general and artistic director of the Holland Dance Festival have taken this as an occasion to establish the Fund for International Dance (FIND). FIND’s goal is to make high-profile international dance productions possible in Amare and to further profile The Hague as the dance city of the Netherlands.

The resources for FIND will come from the budgets of Amare and the Holland Dance Festival, supplemented by contributions from sponsors and donors. Thanks to this guarantee fund, it will be possible to stage larger and often multidisciplinary high-profile dance productions in Amare than would have been possible for the individual institutions. Each season the FIND program committee selects five different productions. Besides Amare and Holland Dance Festival, Nederlands Dans Theater is also represented on this program board.

Jan Zoet: “Amare will have the finest dance theater in the Netherlands. And The Hague loves dance. FIND makes it possible, together with our partners, to show more and larger international productions in Amare and to bring our dance audiences into contact with them.”

Samuel Wuersten: “We look forward to this special collaboration. Making international dance visible in this beautiful new theater is a great challenge. Being stronger together is at the heart of it and makes it possible.”

With FIND, dance institutions from The Hague join forces to bring dance productions to The Hague that would otherwise pass our country by. Business director Leontien Wiering and head of program Geesje Prins from Amare sit on the program committee, artistic director Emily Molnar from Nederlands Dans Theater and artistic and general director Samuel Wuersten from Holland Dance Festival.

The first FIND performances in spring 2022 have already been announced:

Centre chorégraphique national de Grenoble / Yoann Bourgeois
On March 24 and 25, is the Dutch premiere of Celui qui tombe. Dance as a modern circus. Six dancers defy the laws of gravity on a large moving plateau. They balance, hang on it, climb back up and move with each other, in pairs or alone.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Alain Franco
On May 12 Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker will dance a unique rendition of Bach’s The Goldberg Variations. Together with pianist Alain Franco, the music challenges the dance to find a form in constant change, while retaining an unchanging core.

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Amandine Beyer / Rosas, Gli Incogniti
On May 14. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker focused her choreographic research on the Mystery or Rosary Sonatas by 17th-century composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber. The mystical and geometric richness of the Mysterien Sonaten led to a choreography for six dancers. Violinist Amandine Beyer performs the virtuoso violin sonatas with her ensemble Gli Incogniti.