Kate Marsh | Disabled leadership


In her keynote speech ‘Disabled leadership’, Kate explores the myth of leadership. She talks about redefining this concept in such a way that leadership covers the entire spectrum of people in our world. She zooms in on the absence of leaders with disabilities in key positions in the arts. She exposes concepts such as cluttered leadership, collective and/or collaborative leadership, and wants to use her keynote to initiate discussion and reflection on these practices.

Kate Marsh is a disabled dance artist with over 20 years of experience in performing, teaching and making. Her interests are centred around perceptions of the body in the arts and notions of corporeal aesthetics. Specifically, she is interested in each of our lived experiences of our bodies, and how this does (or doesn’t) inform our artistic practice. Her recently completed PhD focusses on leadership in the context of dance and disability and draws strongly on the voices of artists to interrogate questions around notions of leadership, perceptions and the body.