Marc Brew, Axis Dance Company | Physically Integrated Dance Workshop

AXIS will introduce the fundamentals of Physically Integrated Dance using creative movement, improvisation, and modern dance techniques. The emphasis of this class will be on investigation, exploration and inclusive language. Great for dancers of all levels and abilities, this workshop is taught in a fun, supportive environment.


Founded in 1987, AXIS Dance Company is the nation’s most acclaimed ensemble of disabled and non-disabled performers, based in Oakland, California. Their artistic vision to collaborate with high profile choreographers and cutting-edge innovative dance makers of our time was an excellent strategy that has resulted in artistically stunning and significant dance works. More than any other company in the United States, AXIS has been at the forefront of the field, building a bridge between contemporary dance, integrated dance, and disability culture. In 2017, AXIS appointed acclaimed international choreographer and dancer Marc Brew to the position of Artistic Director. Marc Brew came to AXIS with over 20 years of performance and Artistic Direction experience. Marc was featured by Time Out Magazine as the best of the new breed of London’s Rising Dance Talent and was presented with a Centenary Medal for Outstanding Contribution as a dancer and choreographer.