Dr. Marjolein Gysels, Dr. Mieke Cardol, Dr. Jeannette Nijkamp | Must inclusion always show results? About the collaboration between cultural and social professionals (NL)

Researchers Marjolein Gysels, Mieke Cardol and Jeannette Nijkamp will debate with policy makers, health care providers and dance and theatre makers about what’s needed to structurally empower the inclusive practice of art.


In the inclusive practice of art, social and cultural professionals join together. They come from different organisational cultures, speak different ‘languages’ and have different objectives. There’s quite a big difference between speaking of ‘meaningful ways to spend a day’, ‘encouraging work’ or ‘talent development’. Anthropologist Marjolein Gysels did research at the Misiconi Dance Company and the Middin Danst project to find out about what dance means to its participants and the methods that are being used. Mieke Cardol and Jeannette Nijkamp, researchers in Disability Studies at the Hogeschool Rotterdam, are monitoring three theatre companies – Babel, de Eenhoorn and Klare Taal – as well as their approach to working inclusively and what that means to their participants. What insights into cooperation and methodology do we gain from these research findings? And what do these findings mean for including people with disabilities in society?

Dr. Marjolein Gysels
Marjolein Gysels is an anthropologist in the programme group Health, Care and the Body at the Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research at the University of Amsterdam. Her diverse background ranges from health care research, social science and the arts and humanities, with healthcare as the common thread in all of her work. In her current position, she undertakes collaborative research with projects that deploy the arts to tackle societal challenges, such as diversity or ageing. In studying inclusion dance, she again goes beyond socio-ethical purposes alone in order to capture aesthetic value.

Dr. Mieke Cardol
Dr. Mieke Cardol is a lector in Disability Studies at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. Her work in research and education is focused on experiential knowledge of people with a disability, the quality of existence, and empowerment within the context of healthcare, support and participation. In her studies, people with disabilities often participate as fellow researchers.

Dr. Jeannette Nijkamp
Dr. Jeannette Nijkampis a sociologist, an associate professor of Culture, Diversity and Participation, and a researcher at Kenniscentrum Zorginnovatie (Research Centre for Care Innovation), Hogeschool Rotterdam. Her main focus is making connections between culture and health and welfare in order to tackle complex social issues. Her key research topics are culture, diversity, social inclusion and creative entrepreneurship.