The Holland Dance Festival 2024: virtuosic, surprising and engaging.

From January 24 through February 17, 2024, the Netherlands will be under the spell of international dance. For four weeks, the Holland Dance Festival will open a window on the world for the nineteenth time in The Hague, Delft, Tilburg and Rotterdam.

Holland Dance Festival showcases the universality, enormous richness and versatility of dance. The festival strives for innovation without forgetting the history of dance. Dance icons are placed in the spotlight and leading choreographies have a special place in the festival. Of course, the art of dance cannot do without ‘fresh blood’ and the festival also provides a stage for new dancers and choreographers.

Holland Dance Festival is a festival to feel at home at: there is always something new for everyone to discover or identify with. We offer international dance for a wide audience. That was the starting point from the beginning of the festival in 1987. Enough to look forward to now and this is not all. Dance is for everyone: for professionals and amateurs, for people with and without disabilities and for elderly and young people. We offer an extensive outreach and masterclasses program and don’t miss our DanceAble symposium.

In the course of this year the full program will be announced, so keep following Holland Dance Festival.