Paul Röttger, Theater Babel Rotterdam | The do’s and dont’s of inclusive theatre making (NL)

Inclusion for makers
Theater Babel Rotterdam, together with Hogeschool Rotterdam, studies inclusive work, aiming to create a methodology that can be translated into more settings, so that inclusivity can be embraced throughout the theatre sector. What kind of challenges arise from that? And what’s the artistic revenue? Paul Röttger, artistic leader of Theater Babel Rotterdam, discusses his methods with us. Moreover, several actors will let you experience what it’s like to work at Theater Babel Rotterdam.

Theater Babel Rotterdam
Theater Babel Rotterdam is a unique theatre company in Rotterdam composed of actors with and without disabilities. Besides public performances, the company makes theatre productions for educational purposes. In their Academy, an inclusive group of 34 actors collaborate daily, take part in training courses and rehearse for various performances. In Paul Röttger’s work, encountering ‘the other’ always plays a central role. For Theater Babel Rotterdam, Röttger directed, among others: ‘To be or not’, ‘Con Amore’, ‘Ont-heemd’, ‘Het gedroomde café’ and ‘Seks in Rotterdam’. In 2018, Röttger celebrated his 30-year anniversary as director of the institution with theatre choreography ‘Piazza della vita’.