DanceAble #3 | Step into the Future | Symposium

C: Sacha Grootjans

DanceAble #3 | Symposium

“Step into the Future”

Coming November 29th, Holland Dance Festival and the National Knowledge Institute for Cultural Education and Amateur Art (LKCA) host an international symposium on inclusion dance. The goal: sharing knowledge and raising awareness on the possibilities of ‘mixed ability dance’ in both the artistic and social field. The symposium is an opportunity to connect and learn for experts, researchers, professionals, dancers, teachers and students working in the field of inclusion dance, or interested in it.

The programme includes: Adam Benjamin, Dirk Monsma, Stopgap Dance Company, Theater Babel Rotterdam, Marjolein Gheissels, Marc Brew, Janice Parker, Kate Marsh, Ben Evans, Redouan Ait Chitt and Claire Cunningham.


The central theme ‘Step into the Future’ takes shape in the keynote speeches by Kate Marsh, who talks about disabled leadership, and Claire Cunningham, who uses her lecture performance to provide insight into issues surrounding her artistic practice. In addition to the keynote speeches, the symposium offers a mix of workshops, presentations and debates, interspersed with inclusive dance. The various workshop sessions focus on topics such as education, method development, policy, accessibility and innovative projects in the field.

The evening will be concluded by Misconi Dance Company with their performance Homo Sapiens 3.0. This presentation, supported by the AFK, is a preliminary investigation into the wheelchair as an object versus the wheelchair as a part of the human being. The human ability lies in the fact that we can adapt to a constantly changing environment through science and evolution.


The location of the symposium – the Korzo theatre – is wheelchair accessible. A limited number of wheelchair spaces are available in the halls and studios and a wheelchair toilet is available. Guide dogs are also welcome in the theatre and a sign language interpreter is available to translate the plenary parts. For the remaining sessions, a sign language interpreter is available on request. There are also public counsellors present to answer questions and assist people where necessary. The supervisors can be recognised by the special badge.

Food & Drinks

During the DanceAble symposium, the bar in the foyer is open. Here you can buy juices and soft drinks. Coffee and tea is offered by the organization on this day. During the lunch break you can buy freshly made sandwiches from the caterer.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions or requests. Get in touch with Ariane Aris: ariane@holland-dance.com.


DanceAble #3 is made possible by the following financial and other partners:


Impression of the performance

09:00 - 10:00 | Walk in

10:00 - 11:00 | Welcome by Martine van Dijk (Holland Dance Festival), Sanne Scholten (LKCA), and your hosts of the evening: Ben Evans and Redouan Ait Chitt. Followed by a keynote speech of Kate Marsh (EN)

11:00 - 11:30 | Pauze

11:30 - 13:00 | Workshopsessies 1 |
Choice from one of six workshops:

Education & Training | Research Lab (EN) | Adam Benjamin

Methodology Development | Research and practice of the inclusive dance syllabus IRIS (EN) | Lucy Bennett, Stopgap Dance Company en Imogen Aujla, Universiteit van Bedforshire

Policy | Must inclusion always show results? About the collaboration between cultural and social professionals (NL) | Marjolein Gysels & Mieke Cardol

Workshop | Physically Integrated Dance Workshop (EN) | Marc Brew, AXIS Dance Company

In practice | Unlimited experience: an insight into practice (NL) | Arlette Hanson, Stichting Komt het Zien! & Marleen Hartjes, STUDIO i – platform voor inclusieve cultuur

Disabled Leadership | In-depth: 'The Myth of Leadership' (EN) | Kate Marsh

13:00 - 14:00 | Lunch

14:00 - 15:00 | Plenary Lecture Performance | Claire Cunningham: 4 Legs Good (EN)

15:00 - 15:30 | Pauze

15:30 - 17:00 | Workshopsessies 2 |
Choice from one of six workshops:

Education & Training | Network ‘Art and culture, from school to leisure’ (NL) | Dirk Monsma

Methodology Development | The do’s en don’ts of inclusive theatre-making (NL) | Theater Babel Rotterdam

Policy | ‘Imagination and commitment are significant.’ What’s needed for an inclusive (municipal) cultural policy? (ENG/NL) | Betina Panagiotara, VNG

Workshop | 3 minute compositions (EN/NL) | Goele van Dijck

Practice | An inclusive practice: in discussion with experts (NL) | Sonja Parmentier, Wendy Veerman, Joop Oonk and Katja Grässli

Disabled Leadership | In practice | Chris Pava, Stopgap (EN)

17:00 - 18:00 | Plenary closing with the handover of the Agenda Inclusieve Podiumkunsten (Agenda Inclusive Performing Arts) by Martine van Dijk and Christianne Mattijssen (Ministery of Education Culture and Science) and a dance performance by Misiconi Dance Company

Dates & Tickets

Price Date Start time Location Order
Fri. 29 November 2019 10:00 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, sold out

Frequently asked questions

I'm wheelchair-bound/can't stand for long, is it also possible for me to visit this event?

Are there disabled toilets available?

  • Yes, disabled toilets are available in both the Korzo Theater and Theater aan het Spui.

Are there enough disabled parking spaces in the vicinity of the event locations?

  • No, please note that it is difficult to park near the Korzo Theater and that there are no disabled parking spaces. The nearby parking garage is the Q-Park Torengarage (Geest 1, 2513 VA). There is also no Kiss or Ride space. You can, however, stop briefly in front of the Korzo Theatre in the Prinsestraat to let someone get off and then look for a parking space.
    Also at Theater aan het Spui there are no disabled places. Here is the nearby parking garage Q-Park Veerkaden (Amsterdamse Veerkade 30, 2512 AJ). The Spuiplein is broken up.

Can I go in anywhere?

  • Yes, the locations are wheelchair accessible. Please indicate when booking that you are in a wheelchair or otherwise phisically impaired.

Can I reach the event easily by public transport?

There are several tram and bus stops near the Korzo Theater or Theater aan het Spui. For the most recent connection, see 9292ov.nl.

  • Accessibility of the bus
    • Most stops in The Hague are accessible for wheelchairs. Many buses have a lowered entrance or gangway so you can get on easily. Of course, you can always ask the driver for help.
  • Accessibility of the tram
    • Red-beige tram
      • The old red-beige trams from HTM have an entrance with 3 steps. It is difficult to get in if you have difficulty walking. And wheelchair users cannot travel with these trams. These trams run on the route of tram 1, 6, 12 and 16.
      • Travelling with a walker
        • The red-beige tram has room for travellers with a walker. In the middle of the tram is a door that offers a wider entrance. Most rollators fit in at this entrance. However, this tram has a step of a few steps.
      • Seats for the disabled
        • The single seats close to the tram driver are intended for disabled passengers. There is a sticker on the window near these seats.
      • RandstadRail trams
        • RandstadRail trams are accessible to everyone. RandstadRail trams have a ground floor entrance from the platform, so you can easily get on and off the tram using a wheelchair, a mobility scooter and a walker. RandstadRail trams run on the route of tram 2 (partly), 3, 4 and 19. All stops where the RandstadRail tram stops are accessible to wheelchair/scootmobile and rollator passengers. For details on each stop, visit haltescan.nl. You can also do this on the app ‘Haltescan’ or the HTM app.
I am blind or visually impaired, is it also possible for me to attend this event?

How do I know if a programme component is suitable for me?

  • Icons on the site indicate the performance for which audio description is available.

Can I bring my guide dog to the event?

  • Guide dogs are welcome in both the Korzo theatre and Theater aan het Spui. We would appreciate it if you would inform the theatre in question of this in advance.

Can I reach the event easily by public transport?

  • There are several tram and bus stops near the Korzo Theater or Theater aan het Spui. For the most recent connection, please visit 9292ov.nl.
I am deaf or hearing impaired is it also possible for me to visit this event?

Is there a sign language interpreter present?

A sign language interpreter will be present for the performances Step into the Future (29/11) and INCLab (30/11). A sign language interpreter will also be present at the plenary part of the symposium. If a sign language interpreter is required during a selection session, this can be done on request. Mail to Ariane Aris, ariane@holland-dance.com.

Is subtitling available?

  • No, unfortunately not.

How do I know if a programme component is suitable for me?

  • Icons indicate the performance for which there is a sign language interpreter, subtitle or loop.

Can I reach the event easily by public transport?

  • There are several tram and bus stops near the Korzo Theater or Theater aan het Spui. For the most recent connection, please visit 9292ov.nl.
I am not very good at dealing with dominant special effects (light, loud sound, smoke, etc.) how do I know if a programme component is suitable for me?

At the time of writing, it is not known whether the program of DanceAble uses stroboscopes or smoke. If this is the case, we will mention this in due course on the website and where possible by means of the pictogram in our program booklet.