Introdans | HubClub

Introdans | HubClub

“The HubClub is a showcase of irresistibly attractive inclusive dance art”

Together with Introdans, the Holland Dance Festival celebrates the power of diversity with a contemporary dance program: The HubCLub. The artists of the HubClub are irresistible and rock and roll everyone out of their (wheel)chairs. A selection of Dutch dance performers come together in the HubClub. The atmosphere of the evening is that of a nightclub: the audience sits relaxed at tables around a dance floor and is treated to acts from the inclusive pro dance scene.

Holland Dance Festival presents a piece by Junadry Leocaria featuring singer Florans and dancers Annemieke Mooij and Wendy de Vries.

Besides Holland Dance Festival/Junadry and ballet company Introdans, the line-up consists of performers Redouan Ait Chitt, Misiconi Dance Company, Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri, Ruben Chi and Rutkay Ozpinar. The HubClub also presents new work by young makers Jordy Dik, Nina Funk and Chantal de Vries. The HubClub is a showcase of irresistibly attractive inclusive dance art. Eva Eikhout (BNNVARA) and Rutger Messerschmidt (drs. Down) are the hosts of the HubClub.

Dates & Tickets

Price Date Start time Location Order
€30,- Fri. 04 December 2020 19:30 Stadstheater, Arnhem Sorry, sold out
€30,- Tue. 19 January 2021 19:30 Zuiderstrandtheater, Den Haag Sorry, sold out
€30,- Thu. 28 January 2021 19:30 De Kring, Roosendaal Sorry, event has already occurred