Batsheva Dance Company | Gaga/dancers

Batsheva Dance Company | Gaga/dancers

“Workshop plan”

Levels: advanced – professional

Gaga is the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin throughout many years, parallel to his work as a choreographer and the artistic director of Batsheva Dance Company. Gaga originated from Naharin’s need to communicate with his dancers and his curiosity in the ongoing research of movement.

Gaga classes are predicated on a deep listening to the body and to physical sensations. The instructions are deployed to increase awareness of and further amplify sensation, and rather than turning from one prompt to another, information is layered, building into a multisensory, physically challenging experience. While many instructions are imbued with rich imagery, the research of Gaga is fundamentally physical, insisting on a specific process of embodiment. Inside this shared research, the improvisational nature of the exploration enables each participant’s deeply personal connection with Gaga.

Teacher: Nitzan Ressler

Nitzan Ressler was born in Jerusalem in 1992. During her younger years she danced with Hora Jerusalem and studied at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance High School. Nitzan is the recipient of the 2008-2010 Israel-America Cultural Foundation education scholarship and the Yair Shapira award (2017). She joined Batsheva Ensemble in 2010 and Batsheva Dance Company in 2012.

Dates & Tickets

Title Start date End date Start time Location Order
Gaga/dancers | Batsheva Sun. 26 January 2020 Sun. 26 January 2020 14:00 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred