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DanceAble #3 | IncLab | Workshops

“Platform for making, performing and showcasing inclusive dance”

If there is anything that is associated with a motorically perfectly functioning body, it is the form of art and movement we call dance. It is exactly this assumption that Holland Dance Festival wants to tackle by organising DanceAble #3 coming November. During this two-day event in The Hague, inclusion dance becomes visible and tangible. It grants dancers with or without a disablility the opportunity to develop themselves and it offers a stage for multiple performances. Also knowledge on the topic of inclusion dance will be shared.


During the INCLab on Saturday November 30th we offer an inspiring program with workshops and an Open Stage. With the variety in workshops there is something to be found for everyone and during the Open Stage talents from all over the world get on stage to show their work. After its success in 2017, Holland Dance Festival will once again present a special educational project, in which students from both special education and regular education will work together on a performance.

1) Workshop – Kate Marsh | 10:30 – 13:00

Dancer and dance maker Kate Marsh will lead a workshop exploring practical movement. In this workshop she focuses on working with partners and in groups. This workshop is accessible for all levels and has, besides movement, a reflective element.


2) Workshop – Adam Benjamin | 10:30 – 13:00

Adam Benjamin’s workshop will be an effortless passage from stillness into movement and onward to complexity. Difference is embraced as part of the landscape and dance emerges as the binding force between us. From the simplest of connections, the work draws our sensibilities outward to acknowledge the spaces we move through and the bodies we meet along the way. A workshop full of dancing and watching, resting and laughing


3) Workshop ‘Permission to speak…’ – Claire Cunningham | 13:30 – 16:00

In this workshop, choreographer and disabled dancer Claire Cunningham will introduce participants to techniques that play an important role in her own process as well was in her collaborations with other dancers and their different bodies. This workshop is intended for people with experience in the field of dance or other physical activity.


The focus in the workshop is on consciousness, perception and individuality. Exploring by means of movement, language, writing, listening and feeling. Discovering how differences and diversity affect our perception of ourselves, others and our environment. And how this can then be turned into a performance. Permission to speak… is focused on the process of dancing, instead of results or a product.


4) Workshop – Madeleine Månsson and Peder Nilsson, Skånes Dansteater | 13:30 – 16:00

This workshop by Skånes Dansteater is based on inclusive-contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, partnering and repertoire. It is directed towards experienced dancers with and without a physical disability. Madeleine and Peder, who will be guiding the workshop, are specialised in partnering techniques for dancers with and without a wheelchair.

Madeleine Månsson
Madeleine Månsson has worked in social services and as a project manager for various youth groups in Malmö, Sweden. She has been involved in several dance projects at Skånes Dansteater since 2012. Månsson started working as a dancer at Skånes Dansteater in 2016 when she decided to quit her job as a social worker and put her heart into dance. She studied at DOCH (University of Dance and Circus) in Stockholm with focus on variations in body and choreography.

Peder Nilsson
Peder Nilsson received his dance education at Swedish National Ballet School in Stockholm, Sweden, and has been dancing with Skånes Dansteater since the beginning of his career in 1999. Nilsson has choreographed smaller works and leads workshops and classes in contemporary dance for mixed groups. He also studies computer science and application programming at Malmö University.



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Dates & Tickets

Title Start date End date Start time Location Order
Marsh Sat. 30 November 2019 Sat. 30 November 2019 10:30 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred
Benjamin Sat. 30 November 2019 Sat. 30 November 2019 10:30 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, this workshop is sold out
Cunningham Sat. 30 November 2019 Sat. 30 November 2019 13:30 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred
Skanes Sat. 30 November 2019 Sat. 30 November 2019 13:30 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred