DanceAble Young | Courses 2019/2020

DanceAble Young | Courses 2019/2020

“For everyone between 9 - 14 years old”

Are you between 9 – 14 years old, and do you feel like dancing? But are you not entirely certain whether dancing is something for you because of your (physical) disability? Sign up for the DanceAble lessons of Holland Dance Festival!

These lessons are suitable for anyone with or without a (physical) disability. The lessons will be led by professional dance teachers of Holland Dance Festival. Through various dance excercises and choreographies you get acquainted with modern dance and you’ll discover the versatility of dance. Our teachers take into account the different possibilities of all participants, so that everyone can get the most out of the course. The strongest emphasis in this course lies on having fun with dance and with each other!

Saturday 10:00 – 11:00

Course 1: September 7 – October 12, 2019
Course 2: November 2 – December 14, 2019
Course 3: January 11 – February 15, 2020
Course 4: March 7 – April 18, 2020

Regular: 50 euro per course (of 6 lessons)
Ooievaarspas: 25 euro per course (of 6 lessons)

When you sign up for two or more courses at the same time, you will receive a 5,5% discount.

Holland Dance Festival Studio, De Gheijnstraat 51, Den Haag.

Check our Terms & Conditions before signing up.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we follow the guidelines of the RIVM. If you suffer from one of the following symptoms, we would like to ask you not to follow the lesson because of possible infection of other participants:

  1. Colds such as nasal colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat;
  2. Coughing;
  3. Anxiety;
  4. Elevation or fever;
  5. Sudden loss of smell and/or taste (without nasal congestion).

If anyone in the family or household has a fever and/or tightness, please do not come to class.

Take a look at the frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, you can contact us through info@holland-dance.com.

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Dates & Tickets

Title Start date End date Start time Location Order
Course 1 Sat. 07 September 2019 Sat. 12 October 2019 10:00 Holland Dance Festival Studio, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred
Course 2 Sat. 02 November 2019 Sat. 14 December 2019 10:00 Holland Dance Festival Studio, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred
Course 3 Sat. 11 January 2020 Sat. 15 February 2020 10:00 Holland Dance Festival Studio, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred
Course 4 Sat. 07 March 2020 Sat. 18 April 2020 10:00 Holland Dance Festival Studio, Den Haag Sorry, this workshop is sold out

Frequently asked questions

What are your Covid-19 measures?

In the studio at De Gheijnstraat we have taken various measures to reduce the risk of contamination:

  1. Upon entry, please disinfect hands with the gel that is available and on the table;
  2. On the floor are stickers that indicate the walking route and 1.5 meters distance from each other, use these floor stickers to properly enter the studio;
  3. Please put on your dancing clothes at home and shower and change afterwards;
  4. Only in case of really high emergency, use the toilet;
    During the lesson it is the participant’s own responsibility to dance within 1.5 meters of each other. Holland Dance Festival is not liable for any COVID-19 contamination before, during or after the dance class on location.
  5. Parents are welcome outside on the square in front of the entrance of the studio and are allowed to drop off their son/daughter there (at 1.5 meters distance from each other), we explicitly ask you not to come in with your child if this is not necessary;
  6. Immediately after the end of the dance lesson, you must comply with the measures that apply outside the studio.