Joen Misook Dance Company | Contemporary Technique & Repertoire

Dongkyu Kim hosts Contemporary Technique & Repertoire

“Jeon Misook workshop plan”

Level: intermediate

In this workshop, you dive into the specific technique of Jeon Misook Dance Company through the process of improvisation. You learn repertoire of Jeon Misook as well as of assistant choreographer Dongkyu Kim.

Teacher: Dongkyu Kim

Dong-kyu Kim possesses remarkable artistic balance by presenting movements that are based in rich virtuosity in a spontaneous and flexible pattern. For the public, his works are accessible and enjoyable, filled with dynamic qualities of contemporary dance. His biggest strength is how he moves beyond the established limitations into an expanded realm of possibility. He is currently leading LDP, founded in 2001, which is one of the most successful contemporary dance companies in Korea.

Dates & Tickets

Title Start date End date Start time Location Order
Contemporary Technique & Repertoire | Jeon Misook Sat. 25 January 2020 Sat. 25 January 2020 13:00 Korzo theater, Den Haag Sorry, event has already occurred