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The Holland Dance Festival (HDF) was founded in 1987 to make international dance visible in the then just-opened Danstheater aan het Spui. It is our powerful, unequivocal mission to make dance accessible to all. We want to make HDF a festival that can compete in every way with other large and important performing arts festivals in the world. We also want to be visible throughout the year with high-quality international dance offerings.

We establish our own salary house each year, basing ourselves on the salary scales as of January 1 of each year of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for Theatre and Dance. The monthly salaries in our salary house are based on full-time employment with 40 hours per week.  Vacation pay is 8% per year and is not included in the salary tables. Employees are graded based on their position and experience. For job classification we use the job matrix with reference functions of the CAO Drama and Dance. With good performance, employees are moved up one step each year within their salary scale.

For contracted freelancers, the hourly rate is determined, if possible, by determining the salary appropriate to the work within our salary range and increasing it by a percentage that takes into account vacation allowance, vacations, social insurance, sickness risk and pension.

The salary house and job matrix can be found here:
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