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Eye-catching, refreshing and unifying.

Our mission is to make dance accessible to everyone. Holland Dance Festival is the only international dance-biennial in the Netherlands. Dance inspires, and that's why we are so heartfelt about our work. We take pride in unlocking the passion and power of dance and connecting people worldwide through dance, for over 35 years!

Holland Dance Festival believes that dance is for everyone: for professionals and amateurs, for people with and without physical or intellectual disabilities, for school children, and for seniors, spanning every age category in between. Therefore, Holland Dance Festival organizes a wide range of educational activities, special projects, workshops, and ongoing, tailor-made programs for groups of all backgrounds, generations, and social classes.

Upcoming Festival
From January 24 to February 17, 2024, the Netherlands will be immersed in international dance. For four weeks, the Holland Dance Festival, for the nineteenth time, opens a window to the world in The Hague, Delft, Tilburg, and Rotterdam.

Holland Dance Festival showcases the universal character and the enormous richness and versatility of dance. The festival aims for innovation without forgetting the history of dance. Dance icons take the spotlight, and leading choreographies find a place in the festival. But of course, dance art cannot thrive without 'new blood', and therefore the festival also provides a stage for emerging dancers and choreographers.

Holland Dance Festival is a festival that wants to make you feel like home: for every person there is something new to discover or something to recognize. We offer international dance for a broad audience, which has been the festival's guiding principle since its inception in 1987. There is much to look forward to, and this is not all. Dance is for everyone: for professionals and amateurs, for people with and without disabilities, for older and younger individuals. We provide an extensive outreach and masterclasses program, and don't miss our DanceAble symposium. The entire program will be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned! 

““One of a Kind biedt een zeldzame kans om een avond lang te genieten van de danskunst van meesterchoreograaf Jiří Kylián. ””

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