DanceAble Young | Autumn course 2023

14 April 2024
Gheijn Studio, Den Haag



Limitless dancing joy for everyone!

Do you feel like dancing? In the DanceAble classes by Holland Dance Festival, dancers with and without disabilities are welcome to join together. Everyone engages based on their own capabilities, either independently or, if necessary, with personal assistance. Whether you have a physical or mild intellectual disability, a chronic illness, or if you're an able-bodied dancer wanting to approach dance and dancing together from an explorative perspective, then sign up now for the weekly DanceAble classes.

In the classes, all dancers discover the value of dance for themselves and together with others. We do this within the versatility of modern dance, where, alongside structured exercises, improvisational tasks also come into play.

In this close-knit group, the focus is on the experience of dance and the joy it brings. The professional dance instructors take into account the diverse abilities of the dancers, ensuring everyone can follow the class effectively.

There is a lot of mutual respect within the group, creating a safe environment where new dancers generally quickly feel at ease and free to express themselves fully through dance.

In the first part of the class, young people (12+) dance together with adults, providing a beautiful and valuable dynamic in the group. After that, the adults continue to dance for another half an hour, to delve deeper into specific elements.

If you're curious about the DanceAble classes, come join a (free) trial lesson. For more information, you can contact Yolanda van der Heijden, 070-2170560.


Data & tickets

date start time location price tickets
Sat 9 September 2023 10:00 Gheijn Studio Young €97,50 Past