A mon bel amour Compagnie par Terre

12 June 2022

Amare, The Hague

€17.00 - €30.00


Choreography by Anne Nguyen

The performance À mon bel amour explores our ideas about the individual, the couple and the collective by exploring different conceptions of identity and beauty.

The dancers are black, white, male, female, classically, modern or urban trained, and come from all kinds of cultures. In their diversity, they play the role of representatives of different dance styles. This results in a dynamic, exciting and powerful performance with images reminiscent of clubs and fashion shows.

In À mon bel amour, modern dance, waacking, popping, voguing, locking, krump and ballet come together in a kind of mating dance. Eight dancers, four men and four women, show off, flirt, are eccentric and dominant. They transcend themselves to continue to matter. In this way they each reflect their cultural preference in their own way, including different ideas of themselves and of the other.

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date start time location price tickets
Sun 12 June 2022 16:00 Amare, Den Haag € 17 t/m € 30,- Past




Choreography: Anne Nguyen.
Dancers: Sonia Bel Hadj Brahim (waacking, popping), Arnaud Duprat (popping), Stephane Gerard (voguing), Pascal Luce (popping, locking, waacking), Andrea Moufounda (danse contemporaine), Sibille Planques (danse contemporaine), Emilie Ouedraogo (krump), Tom Resseguier (danse classique)

Deze voorstelling is te zien dankzij het Fonds Internationale Dans (FIND). Amare, Holland Dance Festival en Nederlands Dans Theater bundelen in dit fonds hun krachten met als doel spraakmakende internationale dansproducties in Amare te presenteren en Den Haag als de dansstad van Nederland te profileren.


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