Illegal Dance Avant Garde Dance Company

6 till 8 February 2024

Korzo & Theater Rotterdam

€19.00 - €24.00


with Drop-in workshop (7 feb) after the performances.

For eighty minutes, Avant Garde Dance immerses the audience in a future where an oppressive regime has banned all artistic expression. Dancers and images evoke a tension between order and chaos, security and freedom, and individualism and free will.

Not without reason, Avant Garde Dance Company occupies a prominent place in London's innovative hip-hop and contemporary dance circuit. Founded in 2001 by choreographer and artistic director Tony Adigun, the company boasts a unique style that seamlessly fuses dance, music, literature, circus, and digital art. The group's creations are groundbreaking, often tinged with a magical quality that leaves the audience enchanted. 

After gaining considerable experience in the commercial realm—choreographing for artists such as Janet Jackson, Usher, and Ashanti—Adigun assembled a group of hip-hop dancers to form Avant Garde Dance, aiming to create provocative contemporary dance performances. This endeavor resulted in an individual, unconventional yet artistically sophisticated language. 

Dutch debut 
Following tremendous success in the United Kingdom and beyond, Avant Garde Dance is making its debut in the Netherlands during the nineteenth edition of the Holland Dance Festival. With Illegal Dance, the group offers a complete sensory experience of dance and theater. The performance narrates a story set in a future where artistic expression is globally prohibited by oppressive regimes. Paranoid leaders criminalize art in the vain hope of suppressing subversive ideas and dangerous collective expressions. By seamlessly combining dynamic contemporary choreography with inventive technical staging, Tony Adigun presents a society in which everyone's life is defined by an insurmountable tension between the desire for free expression and the longing for safety.

Illegal Dance is a collection of stories, people, and places, portrayed through various media and art forms, fueled by an overarching belief in the power of artistic expression in times of division. 

Data & tickets

date start time location price tickets
Tue 6 February 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, Den Haag €24,00 Past
Wed 7 February 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, Den Haag €24,00 Past
Thu 8 February 2024 20:15 Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam €19,00 Past


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Choreographer Tony Adigun 
Rehearsal Director Emma-Louise Stansall
Associate Eye Sarah Gordon
Performers Sam Reeves, Dani Harris-Walters, Ed Mitchell, Gabby Sanders, Aaron Nuttall, Stefano A Addae, and Connor Gribben 
Composer Jonathan Owusu-Yianomah 
Additional programming Alix Original 
Words Maxwell Golden 
Dramaturgical Advice Peggy Olislaegers 
Video design by 
Producer of video design Nick Hillel 
Animators Adam Smith, Tim Grabham and Neal Coghlan 
Multimedia programmer/projectionist Tom Harding, supported by Gary Oldknow 
Costume Design Ryan Laight 
Lighting Design Kieron Johnson 
Production Manager Botty Ward 
Relighter Edgar Bermon, supported by Zoe Ritchie 
Creative Technologist Christopher Hunt 
Company Manager Ellis Saul


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