A Human Race The Rite of Krump Tanzkomplizen

30 till 31 January 2024

Korzo, The Hague


René Löffler

With Artist talk (30 jan) or Drop-in Workshop (31 jan) after the performance.

A Human Race vividly demonstrates the power of dance, transcending the barriers that often exist between social realities and distinguish street and highbrow cultures. This choreographic endeavor boldly confronts Igor Stravinsky's Le Sacre du Printemps with a profound political issue. Five people meet in a circle of sand, unfolding a poignant battle of freedom, participation, and recognition. 

Le Sacre du Printemps stands as one of the most iconic works of all time, not only due to the haunting music of Igor Stravinsky but also because of Vaslav Nijinsky's groundbreaking choreography, for which the composer wrote his overwhelming masterpiece in 1913. Throughout the past century, Stravinsky's Sacre has served as a muse for choreographers globally, inspiring countless interpretations that, in some instances, have achieved a status nearly as legendary as the original. It is, undoubtedly, a formidable piece—a complex challenge for those who dare to engage with it. French hip-hop dancer and choreographer Grichka Caruge fearlessly took on this challenge in his youth production, A Human Race - The Rite of Krump. Caruge reimagines The Rite of Spring, posing a provocative question: Whom do we "sacrifice" in society? Who do we cast aside? How does our sense of belonging, or the lack thereof, impact us individually and collectively? 

A 'Sacre' with political overtones
In a symbolic circle of sand, five krump dancers engage in a bitter battle for freedom, participation, and recognition. This powerful narrative unites the group in a collective pursuit to resist and survive. Krumping, a dance style originating in the 1990s in Los Angeles' African American community, serves as the expressive vehicle for this political commentary. Emerging as a creative response to the wounds of social inequality, exclusion, and racism, krump is characterized by raw, energetic movements where authenticity and emotional expression take precedence. Beyond its artistic dimensions, krump has evolved into a socio-political movement, providing support and stability to young individuals globally, irrespective of their living conditions. Today, it stands as a testament to resilience against perceived injustices and a means to navigate the complexities of contemporary society. 

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date start time location price tickets
Tue 30 January 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, The Hague €24,00 Past
Wed 31 January 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, The Hague €24,00 Past


René Löffler
René Löffler
René Löffler
René Löffler


A touching mix between 21st century urban dance and European musical modernism


Stravinsky’s orchestral piece, with its highly emotional tonal twists, is the ideal soundtrack for a Krump stage play

Berliner Zeitung



Choreography: Grichka Caruge and ensemble
Dance: Luka Austin Seydou, Solomon Quaynoo, Rochdi Alexander Schmitt, Mark Sheats, Émilie OuedraogoSpencer
Music: Le Sacre du Printemps - Igor Stravinsky
Dramaturgy: Livia Patrizi
Stage and costumes: Silvia Albarella
Lighting design: Arnaud Poumarat 
Technical management/lighting: Martin Pilz
Production management: Carola Söllner
Project management: Thomas Dörschel
Mediation: Amelie Mallmann
PR & communications: Laura Kraus

A production by TANZKOMPLIZEN in the context of the Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum Berlin (DE), in cooperation with Art-Track (FR) and with the support of the Institut français, the French Ministry of Culture/DGCA and the Centre Français de Berlin


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