Introdans 50 jaar Livestream

10 February 2022



Introdans is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary! To celebrate, the company has put together an extra anniversary production that will be shown via live stream during the eighteenth Holland Dance Festival.

On Thursday, Feb. 10, the performance currently being danced at Amare in The Hague will be filmed by multiple cameras and broadcast live via the Holland Dance Festival livestream.

Under a sky of burning candles
Introdans has built up a considerable Kylián oeuvre in recent years; no fewer than fifteen ballets by the master choreographer are now in the company's repertoire. In this festival, the group presents two of them, plus a premiere work for the company. The performance opens with Un Ballo, a beautifully subdued, spherical musical ballet to two compositions by Ravel, performed under a magical sky of eighty burning candles. New for Introdans is Petite Mort, a masterpiece from Kylián's famous black-and-white period set to the slow movements from Mozart's two most famous piano concertos. Mozart was also the source of inspiration for the third work, Sechs Tänze, but in a very different way: in the absurdist work - full of farcical humor, dusty powdered wigs, hoop skirts on wheels, affable nods and pouty mouths - Kylián shows his most playful and frenzied side.

After intermission, the jubilee company dances the full version of Cherkaoui's widely acclaimed In Memoriam, in which the celebrated Moroccan-Flemish choreographer pays tribute to his ancestors and recently deceased family members. The meditative choreography explores the link between reality and memory, set to beautiful polyphonic vocals by the Corsican ensemble A Filetta. In an imaginary underworld, the dancers explore magnetic and polarizing forces such as gentleness and aggression, attraction and repulsion, in order to fathom the meaning of the word "harmony. The effect is downright intoxicating.

Princess Beatrix Muscle Fund, Introdans & The Holland Dance Festival
The extra festive performance on February 10 is dedicated to the Princess Beatrix Muscle Fund. Dance symbolizes the ultimate freedom of movement. A freedom that starts with healthy muscles. For people with a muscle disease, this freedom is not self-evident. Therefore, Princess Beatrix Spierfonds, Introdans and Holland Dance Festival pull together to raise money for research into curing these diseases. Dancers wage a daily battle for victory; they want to get the most out of their bodies. Unfortunately, people with muscular diseases wage a very different, unequal battle with their bodies. And we seize this contrast to bring attention to muscular diseases through dance. United in a beautiful evening of wonderful dance.v

More information on the live stream.
The "walk-in" is between 7 and 7:30 p.m. There will already be video footage showing when the show starts.  You can use this time to test your connection and equipment, and possibly cast to the TV. Make sure you get there on time and check your equipment well in advance so you don't miss anything from the performance.

The actual performance starts at 7:30 pm (CET) (please note, new start time).

Data & tickets

date start time location price tickets
Thu 10 February 2022 19:30 Livestream vanaf € 2,50 Past


HDF 2022 Introdans Petite Mort Introdans Hans Gerritsen
HDF 2022 Introdans Sechs Tanze Introdans Hans Gerritsen 2018 2 HR
HDF 2022 Introdans Petite Mort Introdans Hans Gerritsen 9