A Free Body by Silvia Gribaudi

10 February 2024
Korzo, The Hague


Carlo Valtellina

For adults, all levels

Silvia Gribaudi‘s works embody light-heartedness, irony and freedom.

The workshop is an experience of the poetic dimension that Silvia Gribaudi researches between the vivacity and presence of the body, where the cathartic dimension of humor and play are embodied in the expression of the body and of the gesture in each person.

During the workshop there will be an exploration of the vital body that alternates the ability to have fun with an equal attention to the movement technique. Through a proposal mixing contemporary dance training and clown, with a focus on the value of the fall, imperfection and mistake are considered as an expressive opportunity.

How to revitalize physicality with self -irony and the dynamism of dance and humor? How does dance bring the perception of the body and changes in this playful atmosphere?

About Silvia Gribaudi
Silvia Gribaudi is an Italian choreographer who also specialises in performing arts in general. Since 2004 she has focused her research on the social impact of bodies, having set at the centre of her choreographic language the comic element and the relationship between audience and performers. She has taken part in several artistic research projects, including:  CHOREOROAM (2011), TRIPTYCH (2013), ACT YOUR AGE (2014) – an EU project about active ageing through the art of dance, which inspired the performance WHAT AGE ARE YOU ACTING?, as well as the community project OVER 60; PERFORMING GENDER (2015); CORPO LINKS CLUSTER (2019/2020).

Her shows have been featured in a number of national and international festivals and are the result of a creative process that focuses on dialogue and on the poetic encounter with other artists, dance companies, and communities. 

Data & tickets

date start time location price tickets
Sat 10 February 2024 11:30 Korzo Zaal €10,00 Past