Artist in Residence EBA AIR Leisa Prowd

2 February 2024

Theater aan het Spui, The Hague

Amanda Fordyce

Admidst the DanceAble Symposium, the result of a special Artist in Residence (AIR) period is showcased as well. AIR is part of our extensive European collaboration, Europe Beyond Access, which focuses on supporting artists with disabilities in transcending the conventional boundaries within contemporary theater and dance sectors. Holland Dance Festival engaged in dialogue with Australian artist Leisa Prowd about the possibilities of a unique residency during the festival. A residency wherein entirely different worlds converge, and the richness of experiences that each participant brings leads to mutual growth and development.

Come and immerse yourself in a captivating and inclusive dance performance that probes the mesmerizing concept of a flock of birds, particularly starlings. Drawing inspiration from the harmonious movements of birds, the objective is to discover the underlying unity. Hiding behind seemingly synchronized behavior, the individuality and diverse experiences of each performer are celebrated. The enchanting spectacle of a flock reveals a profound connection among its members, as if their thoughts and spirits would have merged into a cohesive whole. Yet, within this collective phenomenon, the presence of individual entities stands out, each weaving their unique perspectives and stories into the unfolding narrative. In this performance, the delicate balance between unity and individuality is masterfully being unraveled.

Prepare to be spellbound as the dancers gracefully navigate the delicate interplay of unity and diversity, highlighting the essence of a flock. Join in on this transformative journey where the boundaries between the individual and the collective dissolve, giving rise to a shared sense of wonder. Experience the power of inclusivity and the enchanting allure of dance like never before.

Leisa Prowd is a dancer, performance artist, and life model based in Melbourne. Her main artistic pursuits are rooted in movement for pedestrians, the Japanese dance style Butoh, contact improvisation, and exploring the uniqueness of her own body in relation to space and other bodies.

The result of this work process will be presented to the public on Saturday, February 2nd, as part of the DanceAble Symposium. The performance unfolds in two dimensions – both live on location at Theater aan het Spui in The Hague and accessible via livestream.

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