Virtual Reality (VR) 2.Y.W.3 Miguel Altunaga

24 January till 17 February 2024

Amare, The Hague

Unframed Visuals

Technological possibilities continue to expand in all areas of society, and at Holland Dance Festival, too - with a second Virtual Reality production - we are once again exploring the realm of technology. After the great success of Fabien Prioville's VR project Homecoming in our previous festival edition, this year we have invited the successful Cuban choreographer Miguel Altunaga to dive into the dream world of VR with a group of young (amateur) dancers during the nineteenth festival edition.

Enchanted Universe 
VR technology offers audiences a completely new perspective on contemporary dance. When you put on the VR glasses, you enter an enchanting universe in which the everyday is left behind and boundaries are broken down. As a spectator, you get the feeling of being in the middle of a dance performance and can perceive even the smallest details.

"In VR, you can take people to a place where they can interact with dance in a way that was previously unimaginable. It becomes a deeply personal and intimate experience, as if the audience is dancing with the performers and feeling every emotion and movement," Miguel Altunaga said.

Impressive CV
Altunaga worked as a dancer with such contemporary dance icons as Hofesh Shechter, Wayne McGregor, Akram Khan, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Wim Vandekeybus. As a choreographer, the Cuban created productions for ballet star Carlos Acosta, Rambert and the British Royal Ballet, among others. Full of enthusiasm, he and his dancers are now stepping into the world of VR and he can hardly wait until he can "immerse the audience in a world of dance beyond all imagination." 


Prior to all performances in Amare, The Hague. With the tickets of the corresponding performance, you can enjoy this VR experience for free!

‘Soms komen de dansers zelfs zo dichtbij, dat je bijna je benen optrekt om ze niet te laten struikelen’ 



Unframed Visuals



Choreography : Miguel Altunaga
Dancers: Luna Vrolijk, Elise Wille, Iryna Thorborg, Bo van der Lugt, Anna Semenov, Aysha Hageman, Susanna Holwerda & Liza van Merwe
Costume Stylist: Jorrien Schoneveld
VR concept: Brainstorm en Concept


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