Relational Choreography by Jordy Dik

28 January 2024
Theater aan het Spui, The Hague


Sjoerd Derine

for youth (14+) and adults

For his Master's research, Jordy developed the concept and performance GameChangers. This is an equal encounter between performer and audience, making everyone a participant of a shared experience. This connects, awakens and changes. However during this research, it also emerged that participants of (community art) projects like to work toward a choreography. A joint creation that can be made, practiced and shared.  

As Jordy started working more and more with the actors of Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri (a workshop for people with intellectual disabilities) he was looking for a choreographic method that is universal and meets the above criteria. So one that fits (almost) all the dancers with whom he works and also achieves abstraction, physicality and artistry. Thus, the concept of Relational Choreography was born.  

When a "Relational Choreography" is created, as the name implies, the interrelationships between the performers are the essence. Through co-creation and (un)consciously creating in the moment the impulsive movements of the dancers, relational actions are put together. Reproduction is essential in this process. Participants who normally do not dance or have difficulty with fixations find remembering reproduction very difficult. To give theatrical meaning to this is a bridge too far. Jordy has found a trick for this: the Relational Choreography. 

The method has been developed and tried out with and by young children, adolescents, young professionals, people with mental disabilities, people with physical disabilities, enthusiastic amateurs, people over 65 and demented elderly people.

About Jordy Dik
Jordy Dik is a choreographer and community artist who brings together life worlds of diverse people to initiate a layered encounter that encourages humanity, connection and change. His performances are characterized by a powerful, poetic and socially engaged language, in which each performer experiences a right to exist and is only able and willing to share this with an audience in complete surrender. From this face of man, the choreographies evoke a social and personal liberation that goes beyond the individual. Under the motto that every (dance) movement will be bigger than ourselves anyway.  

Jordy has also been house choreographer of the inclusive company Compagnie Tiuri since early 2021, giving artistic direction to the extraordinary performers the company guarantees.

Data & tickets

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Sun 28 January 2024 11:00 Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 1 €14,50 Past