Glitter Antonin Rioche

25 till 27 January 2024

Korzo, The Hague


Alex Avgudm

With workshop (26 jan) or discoparty (27 jan) after the performances.

In every edition of the Holland Dance Festival, for one production, we collaborate with the theater and production house Korzo in The Hague, and this time it promises to be another exceptional experience. Having previously showcased a dance film of the same title, the gifted French choreographer Antonin Rioche (Angers, 1994) now presents the theater version of his first full-length performance, Glitter, exploring the realms of love, fame and recognition. 

Glitter ventures into the nostalgia-laden landscape of childhood, where boundless possibilities and dreams once flourished. Rioche, alongside his cast of dancers, invites spectators into a melancholy world, laced with a thread of humor. They reflect upon bygone moments and dreams that are long behind us. For, as Proust said, "The real paradises are those we have lost". Rioche entices the audience into a tragic burlesque flirtation with the illusion of greatness that resonates universally. Stardom beckons in Glitter, but the yearning for it starkly contrasts with the sobering grip of reality. 

A poet with a great imagination
For Rioche, movement serves as an integral part of his creative narrative. However, it is not the sole starting point. His self-written texts often serve as the initial foundation for his poetic and theatrical choreographies. Drawing inspiration from diverse artistic mediums such as painting, photography, and film, Rioche weaves a rich tapestry of influences into his creations. Festival director Samuel Wuersten aptly describes the outcomes as "subtle, sensitive productions born of a large, surprising, not immediately obvious imagination". Straddling the line between virtuosity and experimentation, Rioche engages in a continuous dialogue with his inner world during the creative process. In his distinctive manner, he manages to touch upon the "sore spots" of our modern existence. 

For years, Holland Dance Festival has offered the stage to one Korzo production during its biennial festival. This edition they decided to go with Glitter, a choice of Korzo in collaboration with Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). 

Data & tickets

date start time location price tickets
Thu 25 January 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, The Hague €22,50 Past
Fri 26 January 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, The Hague €22,50 Past
Sat 27 January 2024 20:30 Korzo Zaal, The Hague €22,50 Past


Alwin Poiana
Alwin Poiana
Alwin Poiana
Alwin Poiana


Rioche deelt, enigszins tongue-in-cheek, fantasieën over grootheid, roem, erkenning, liefde.

NRC over de filmversie van Glitter

Gehuld in witte ziekenhuisgewaden of glamoureuze glitterjurken wisselen zij met sappige overdrijving gesproken monologen af met dansfragmenten vol onbeteugelde energie.

NRC over filmversie Glitter



Choreography & concept: Antonin Rioche
Assistant: Rosanne Briens
Dancers: a.o. Ève-Marie Dalcourt, Toon Lobach, Grace Lyell
Composer & songwriter: Finn Ronsdorf
Set design: Antonin Rioche
Lighting design: Loes Schakenbos
Stylist: Jan-Jan Van Essche
Sound design: Jorg Schellekens


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