Als ver weg dichtbij voelt (When far away feels close by) Inclusiedansproject

2 February 2024

Theater aan het Spui, The Hague

Sjoerd Derine

During the DanceAble Symposium, the outcome of the inclusion dance project will also be shown. In the fall of 2023, a group of 14 young people with disabilities seized the ultimate opportunity to collaborate with choreographer Anneloes van Schuppen. For some, it was their first introduction to modern dance, while for others, it was a chance to further develop their dance talents. Together with the choreographer, all dancers utilized their creativity and enthusiasm to create Als ver weg dichtbij voelt.


Als ver weg dichtbij voelt (When far away feels close by) explores the vast unknown. The piece delves into the challenge of leaping into the sudden depths that emerge. How does one navigate the unknown – step by step, with tension, or full of confidence? New experiences and significant or subtle changes can be thrilling or downright frightening. Where can we find a touch of courage? And what if others prefer to stick to the familiar? Who or what prevents you from trying something new? And perhaps more importantly, who or what holds you steady when everything around you is changing?

Seeking traces of courage and equipped with backpacks full of adventure and trust, the dancers embark on the thrilling journey towards the unknown in

Als ver weg dichtbij voelt.

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date start time location price tickets
Fri 2 February 2024 11:00 Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag Te zien tijdens DanceAble Symposium 2024 Past


The project is taking place, in part, thanks to the enthusiastic collaboration of two schools for special education in The Hague: The Piramide College and the Viertaal College.


Choreography: Anneloes van Schuppen
Composer: Hessel Sollie
Costume Stylist: Jorrien Schoneveld