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One week left of Holland Dance Festival

12 February 2024

Next weekend on Fri Feb 16 and Sat Feb 17, Holland Dance Festival closes with the new performance Digital Twin by Another Kind of Blue.

Choreographer David Middendorp brings together his passion for dance and technology and with this performance gives a glimpse into the intangible twin world. Four different choreographies explore the interaction between the digital and physical worlds. Be surprised by the power of technology in the world of dance.

Next week on Feb. 13 and Wed. 14, you can see the virtuosic, whirling and unforgettable dance journey with Compagnie Hervé Koubi at Sol Invictus. Dancers from diverse backgrounds, such as hip-hoppers, battle champions, as well as dancers who have developed a totally unique training and routine in the Amazon or Siberia, for example. With a mix of dance styles and genres, such as rap, ballet, acrobatics, aerial and martial arts. An important role in the choreography also includes rotations, twists, circles and the sun.