Holland Dance Festival – born in 1987 – is part of the top of the Dutch cultural world. For over thirty years we have been working from our home base in The Hague to further strengthen the position of dance and, more generally, the arts in our country. Dance inspires and that is why we are so passionate about our work. We pride ourselves in being allowed to unlock the passion and the power of dance. That we are able to connect people worldwide through dance. For over 30 years. We do this in many different ways, with the most important focus points:

International excellence
As a dynamic, internationally oriented dance organisation, we offer our audience a peek through our ‘window on the world’ by bringing to our country the highest quality and most interesting dance productions from all corners of the globe. Artistic excellence and virtuosity, both in the choreographic and the performing field, are paramount. Highlights of the programme include the biennial Holland Dance Festival – the 18th edition of which will take place in February 2022 – and the exclusive dance series that we will be presenting in collaboration with the Luxor Theater Rotterdam and the Stichting Droom en Daad.

Societal connection
We believe that dance is for everyone: for professionals and amateurs, for people with and without physical or mental restrictions, for school children just as much as for the elderly in care and nursing homes, and every age category in between. That is why we develop educational activities, special projects, workshops and continuous, tailor-made teaching programmes for groups of all backgrounds, generations and social classes.

Talent development
Holland Dance Festival supports young, driven dance artists in the further development of their talents. An essential task, because without new generations of dancers, choreographers and teachers, dance has no future. We give shape to this spearhead in many ways, both within the international dance offerings that we present, and within the various social projects that we initiate.

A world with more passion, movement and connection