Dance is an international art form, with an immense variety of forms of expressions and styles. Moreover, dance is the universal language that everyone speaks. Dance has no language barriers, no age limits and no cultural and social boundaries. Dance has the power to connect people. It is the mission of Holland Dance Festival to bring as many people as possible in touch with dance.  

Our dance biennale, The Holland Dance Festival, introduces the most current trends and developments in international dance, as well as the most distinctive and talked about productions and companies from all over the world to audiences in The Netherlands.

Based in The Hague, city of peace, justice and dance, the Holland Dance Festival takes place every two years in different theaters across town. With our biggest partner venue, the recently built Amare theater, we also present international dance productions outside of the festival period throughout the year. In addition, we organize tours throughout the Netherlands, including the annual Talent On The Move production featuring a new generation of dancers in a mixed program.  

Our versatile, high-quality programs in the field of cultural education and participation, connected to our performances and beyond, literally get people moving students in special needs education programs, vital seniors and the elderly in care and nursing homes, people with or without physical or mental disabilities, they all are included in our tailor-made educational programs.  Everyone is warmly welcome at the Holland Dance Festival and its diverse and manyfold activities. 

A world with more passion, movement and connection